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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Day 38: Becoming a World-Class Christian

Question to Consider: What steps can I take to prepare to go on a short-term missions experience in the next year?
Starting this book when I did and missing the days that I missed must have been God's timing. I will be finishing it on December 30th. I had decided a few weeks ago that I definitely wanted to get baptized if not before than by the time I finished this book. December 31st looks like it might be the ideal day to do it. I'll be at church that day anyway.
In my past post, That's How Much I Love You, I talked about going on a short-term mission. I don't know for certain that it is something I'm called to do in the next year, but if the opportunity comes, I'll definitely be on my way!
However, I do see an opportunity to reach "the world" with this blog and possibly later with the newsletter/magazine I'm working on. My only problem is funding, which I'm currently researching the best way to approach that. Hopefully, I'll figure it out soon before I go totally broke. I told God today...if you're trying to tell me something and it seems I'm not hearing you, please, speak louder.
Two more days!!! Thank you God, for teaching me so much through this book and thank you for giving me the strength to finish it. Amen.


Anonymous Kathryn-in-Christ said...

I apologize for taking so long to check out your site... ever since the Malvern Good News publication, I have been meaning to. Awesome work! God is speaking through you... continue on !

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 9:28:00 PM  

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