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Monday, December 26, 2005

Day 35: God's Power In Your Weakness

Question to Consider: Am I limiting God's power in my life by trying to hide my weaknesses? What do I need to be honest about in order to help others?

One of the problems that I've had in the past is that I limited what I told people because I didn't want them to see "the bad" parts of my life. I was in a relationship with an alcoholic who beat me for over a year and nobody knew. At that time in my life, it was more painful for people to know that I didn't have the ideal husband. I was ashamed at what my life really was and the way I dealt with it was by telling everyone that things were not as they seemed. Because I was finally honest about that situation, we went our separate ways. Several years later he found Christ.

It's a constant effort to not hide my weaknesses. I have to go through a thought process before I share my weakness because I don't want sympathy, I want people to understand that my faith is in God. Maybe I am limiting God's power in my life by not trusting that He can soften the person's heart that hears or sees my weaknesses. I pray that He guides me and shows me when to share weaknesses in my life so that other's can see His power.


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