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Monday, October 03, 2005

Message To Adults In The Movie Robots

Why be you? When you can be YOU! If you're overweight, go get liposuction. If your boobs are too small, just go get bigger ones. Nose crooked and your chins too small? To better balance your features, it's suggested that you have both done. Wrinkles and crows feet? That can be fixed too. Just get upgraded!

The movie Robots blatently tells us what these businesses and society are doing to us right under our noses. They are making us feel bad about ourselves and telling us that for a price we can look and feel and be happy like everybody else. There are lots of people getting rich on selling happiness.

If you don't have enough money to spend on your happiness, it could lead to you feeling sad and all alone in the world? Don't worry!! There's a pill for that. The side effects are relatively mild, but often include nauseau, nervouseness, anxiety, insomnia, rash, anal leakage and the list goes on. They're now even linking headaches and body aches as a symptom that you're a candidate for mind altering drugs because you could be depressed.

It was a breath of fresh air when they reminded us that we're okay no matter what "we're made of". It's no wonder we lose sight of our purpose in life. Some of us have become so obsessed with what society is saying what we should think, what we should not wear, how we should look and how we should feel. We've even been told how are kids should act (they got a pill for that too).

The world says in order for me to be happy I need to lose weight, whiten and straighten my teeth, fix my nose and chin, get rid of my wrinkles, have a permanent smile on my face and dress like everybody else. And obviously I should be having sex, because if I'm not, how can I possibly be happy. For $29.95 I can by my sexual happiness.

If God came in pill form, He'd be way too expensive for us to buy. It's a shame that so many people spend so much money before they find out that God is free.


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