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Friday, September 30, 2005

Why Should Bennett Apologize For Comment Against Blacks?

I agree that saying aborting every black baby should not have been said, but the fact remains that I'm glad somebody finally said something. I know that I am not the only American who is concerned that crime is getting out of hand.

Isn't it about time that one of us gets a little upset because it seems that there are a lot of black people that don't want to be productive members of society? Our tax dollars are being spent to support programs to rehabilitate, train, educate, house and feed disadvantaged people. There are plenty of jobs available. Unfortunately, I'm not one of the minorities that has been handed the opportunity to get an education to fill some of those jobs. Fortunate for me, I took the training and education that I'm still paying for and started my own business, years after I had to quit college 2 months prior to getting my Associates degree because I couldn't get any assistance from the government.

I'm tired of being blamed for what my great-great grandfathers did. I'm tired of hearing minorities complaining that they are so disadvantaged and lashing out at white people and the government. There are black people that I have seen participate as productive members of society. If they are critical of white people, I've never heard them say it. They may not have had the same advantages I have had in life, but they may not have had the same disadvantages I did either. The fact is that we both wanted more to life than what was handed to us and overcame what disadvantages we each had.

My child, at five years old, came home from kindergarten where she was one of two white children in her class of 30, with a class project that she had made that day. The project was to cut pictures out of a magazine that represented people in her family. Her teacher gave everyone in the class Ebony magazines to cut pictures out of. At five years of age, my child knew was embarrassed because not only were there no white people in the magazine, they were all dressed in lingerie. I went to the principal's office to complain and I was told that maybe if I had donated some Southern Living magazines she could have cut her pictures out of that. That did nothing but infuriate me. Of course I went on to tell them not only did they not inform me of the class project or I would have donated magazines, Southern Living mostly has pictures of interiors of houses and southern food not people! After storming out, I called the school superintendent who wouldn't return my call and the newspaper who also did not wish to publish an article of that nature. I was told by just about everyone I knew to drop it, just let it go.

So is that what we're supposed to do now when they're killing because they want to be in a gang, robbing our businesses, and raping our people? Just let it go? Are we supposed to quietly sit while they're telling the next generation, through their music, that it's cool to pop a cap in somebody? Our government decided that it was more important for them to have their freedom of speech rights protected. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the black people in New Orleans that didn't want to evacuate because they wanted to be able to get their drugs? Are we responsible for their children because they made that decision?

If Bennett has heard and seen the same things that I've seen in the past month, which I have no doubt that he has seen what I've seen plus a whole lot more, with the after effects of the hurricanes devastation to New Orleans, I can't say I blame him. I think it probably came out as frustration. We're all expected to not step on the toes of any black people, but they can step on ours all they want? We can give them our tax dollars and they can be blatantly ungrateful? I have no doubt that not every black person feels the same way and most probably feel like they are being categorized. Maybe they should fight to make changes in how they are being represented in society.

The people of our country are at war with each other. It might not be a full fledged war with machine guns and grenades, but I have no doubt that if something is not done soon it will be. Although I don't agree with the verbiage, I do think that we should try to see past what he said and address the underlying issue before terrorists are the least of our worries. Some people now are worried about walking out of their house or down the street. How soon will that freedom end for the rest of us? Is it more important to our government not to "offend" anyone that pretty soon we'll have to worry about our own protection and that of our children from our neighbors?


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