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Friday, September 23, 2005

Blogging Has Unleashed My Creativity

I guess eventually I will start making pages for my posts so my blog can have headlines, but I think I need to work up to a couple of different topics first. I love this blogging stuff and it's only my second day. Since yesterday's posts, I've been googling like crazy on what all you can do with blogs. Like that link, I just learned that you can do that on your blog page. I just hope Google doesn't mind!

That's one thing I'm not quite sure about yet. Do you have to wait for people to ask you to put their link in your post when your blogging about them (do I have the "blog lingo" right? Yep, I found out bloggers have a language all their own too. Well this one guy thinks they do.) Anyway, I was thinking about what I wanted to post and I thought of something, but before I "blogged" about it I wanted to look something up about it.

I came across this guys blog (or maybe it was just a web page, it's hard to tell the difference if they're not using a free template from there's another one...hope ya don't mind :). Well, now I've probably got someone going, "Hey! Did ya know you could get paid for that?" Yes. I know, I read about that too.

Matter of fact, I read so much about blogging that the cutest design for a T-shirt came to me. It says, "WANNA KNOW WHAT I THINK...READ MY BLOG". You betcha! I learned how you can get paid for doing a bunch of things on your blog page. So if you love the design as much as I do, let me know. Buy the shirt, the mug and the mousepad! Oh and if you, or you know somebody who is deep-frying or grilling a turkey for thanksgiving, this BBQ Apron is a must!

Anyway, as I was saying, I didn't know if it would be okay for me to mention his blog...or page, whatever, and link it in my blog without asking permission first, so I emailed him and asked so I'll write about what I was going to blog about after I hear if it's okay or not. I loved what that guy had to say, well, most of come to danny part kinda weirded me out. So be sure you come back later, cause I think you'll enjoy my thoughts. Well, some of ya will anyway. My mother might start wondering about me.


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