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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Iraqi's Are Afraid We're Not Going To Give Them As Much Money

You have got to be kidding me. I read the article on USA Today's website and I am totally shocked. Iraq is sorry that we got hit by two huge hurricanes, but don't want us to cut them off. Maybe if they want a taste of what America has then they need to start looking at their own people.

Yes, there is government money being given to help rebuild the cities that have been devastated. Money has been given to help take care of thousands and thousands of people that can't go home. A lady in Iraq said it's so nice and pretty where they relocated the people here. Where is she talking about? Where the government relocated the people or where we relocated the people.

Is there a fund-raiser going on in Iraq to raise money to help their own people or are they just holding out their hands waiting for us to put something in it? Most of us don't wait for our government to give money to help our people. We start setting out buckets in our businesses to raise money, our churches hold meetings and open their homes and camps, not to mention the collections they take up from their congregations, and our people start cleaning out their closets to donate clothes, linens and food. If we just sat around waiting for the government to take care of us, we'd probably be saying that we wish President Bush was taking care of us like he is Iraq.

Those of us that weren't hit by the hurricane we're still affected. Maybe Bush needs to take some of that money to help the rest of us who are being affected. Our gas prices are going up, we're spending more money buying gas to get to and from work, but our pay isn't going up. It's going to cost more money to heat our homes this winter. There are people that barely get by as it is, do you think they'll be freezing this winter? No, they won't, because we'll be there donating blankets, heaters and money to pay heating bills.

If Iraq wants what we have, maybe their people need to start making an effort to sustain themselves like we do.


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