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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


When the hurricane was about to make landfal, I heard in the news that there was a guy that wanted to drop baby diaper gel into the hurricane to stop it. Ummm...where does the Dynogel go once it absorbs all the moisture? Into the ocean. I wonder if he's tested it on any fish. Can they swim in this stuff, breathe it and eat it? We all knew that the storms were going to get worse. Seems like most people want to sit back and act like it's not happening or explain it away. Either that or they want to take control of the weather. When are some people going to realize, these are "acts of God" beyond our control. If we could control the weather, no doubt it would be handed over to the government so they could do as they please. We already blame the government for not knowing what they're doing in Iraq. Do we really want them controlling our weather? I'd like to leave that in God's hands please.


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