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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My First Post

If you're reading this, hello. This is my very first post and blog for that matter. So if you find it a little weird at first, then you should know this is very weird for me. But I feel compelled to write this because I think that it's time for somebody to start talking because I don't see very many people my age standing up first to say what's on their mind. My own thoughts are that I think that I should share with all who want to read this, things I see from my own perspective.

I don't want to rant and rave over taking prayer out of schools, taking the ten commandments out of courthouses or the separation of church and state. All that has already been done. We sat and watched it happen. I'm not referring to "we" as all of us, because yes, there were a few that did stand up and say something. I'm referring to the "we" that sat there and listened to our preachers rant and rave and even a few of our moms and dads did. The "we" that are also sitting here right now reading this and don't think we know what we believe anymore.

I know that I belive in God and nothing I say should ever make you think I don't. For that matter, anything you might say will not change my mind, so if you think you're going to post in hopes to persuade me not to believe, let me say now, please don't waste your time.

Some of may wonder why in my future posts how I can say some of the things I plan to say, but I assure you, if I have faith in only one thing, it is that God does exist.


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