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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Be Productive While Your Waiting

I've been challenged by a problem with my business. Several times I've prayed asking God what to do. When I finally admitted that I was the one who brought this on myself, but was going to have faith that He would help get me out of this, He showed me a way out. It involved very little work on my part, but required lots of faith.

I told God that it was more important to me to have faith in Him. If He told me to give up my business, I would do it and not question Him. I would do it solely because He said do it and trusting that He has something waiting for me after I sold the business to someone else. I had the faith to make that step by seriously considering an offer I received yesterday to almost give away my business to someone for barely enough money to pay bills and buy food for the next couple of months.

Then He showed me an alternative that I wouldn't have, had I not made that first step. I call that first step believing that He was moving my mountain.

With this other option, it will take some work on my part, but it's very do-able. There would still be a deadline, but it would be possible for me to work hard six days of the week and take the whole day off on Sunday. I'm not saying killing myself working the other six days either, but just being more productive than I am now. Also, I realized...I had the faith to move a mountain when I took that step. After I took that step, He showed me how to move the mountain.

Because of my desire to be more like Him, I want to take the path that is more rewarding. He would still love me and have something waiting for me if I took the easy way out, but it wouldn't be near what He has for in store for me if I start being a little more productive during those hours in the day that I struggle just to motivate myself to work. What seemed like a mountain earlier today is just actually a big hill of rocks. Yes, it will take a little effort to move it, but the reward for my labor will be well worth it, both spiritually and monetarily, but mostly spiritually. I'm more grateful that He showed me how to move the mountain instead of Him "spoiling me" by moving it for me.


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