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Friday, December 02, 2005

Day 19: Cultivating Community

Question to Consider: How can I help cultivate today the characteristics of real community in my small group and my church?

I guess it was God's timing that kept me from reading this book when I got it (for my birthday in July). It wasn't until September or October that I started going back to church. The church that I go to, I can tell that the Pastor is very protective of his "flock" and I'm having a hard time deciding if you have to be a member to be considered part of the church. It probably wouldn't hurt to ask.

Since I have been going to that church, one of the things I have noticed is that the men have a Men's Prayer Meeting, but I haven't heard anything mentioned, as far as a Women's Prayer Meeting or a Women's Bible Study, etc. Because I'm not a member and haven't "proven my faith" (by baptism), I don't know that He would be open to the idea of "me" starting anything at the church, but who's to say I couldn't start a "Women's Prayer Meeting" for women in the community, no matter what church they attend. If anyone has any tips on getting something like that started, please let me know. I'll blog about my progress.

Something I had thought about doing anyway, was starting a Christian community newsletter. After all, I'm still going to need something to keep me busy until I figure out what "my next job" is going to be. That very well could be my next job. I'm so glad I've decided to also gives me a chance to brainstorm a little sometimes. If any of my fellow bloggers would like to contribute articles to the newsletter, please email me letting me know that you are interested.

One other thing that might be a possibility if there is an interest, is starting an "internet community encouragement group". If you have Yahoo Messenger with Voice and a headset or a microphone, we could meet once a week....say Saturday mornings before the kids are awake. Please comment with suggestions of a time and your Yahoo Id and I'll work on getting it setup.


Blogger Angel said...

Annette, I think by walking through your neighborhood and praying for each house personally is a good way to start a community prayer group. The Spirit will work on the hearts of those within and will bring out those who are searching for God.
I would also urge you to study baptism and consider being baptized. There are so many reasons to be baptized- for the forgiveness of sins and to receive the Holy Spirit Acts 2:38-39, for salvation Mark 16:16, to belong to the community of believers Acts 2:40-47, to receive a new life John 3, Romans 6:1-4, and for me the most important reason, because Jesus gave us the example of his own baptism Matthew 3 and Mark 1. In every way I want to live as Christ did and if he thought it was important, then I do too.
God be with you.

Saturday, December 03, 2005 7:37:00 AM  

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