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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

History Repeats Itself...Since When?

I came across this article, SkepticReport, which courtesy of the internet, was brought to my attention. Reading it, my heart ached. How can anyone insinuate that God is not our creator? God and I have been close ever since I was 3 years old. When my mother started coming back to God, He came to me. Because my mother listened to Him, I am sitting here now with my heart aching and tears in my eyes, because He's hurting and I can feel it. Feeling the full extent of His pain would be unbearable for me, because what I feel now is almost just that, unbearable.

When I was little, I always saw angels all around me. Once when I was about 6 years old, I vividly remember three of them wearing robes. One carrying a sword, one carrying and shield and one standing in front of me. My mother called on the phone to check on us, because she had to leave us at home while she went to work. It wasn't the first time I'd seen angels, but it was the first time in my life I'd seen a demon. From that day on I saw them frequently, but none were ever close enough for me to be scared. The only time I really remember being scared of the dark, was after I quit seeing them when I was older.

Not long ago, my question was answered in a dream about why I don't see them anymore. My answer was that there are so many more of them now that I would be afraid. God tells us over and over, "Do not fear." He also says that He won't give me anything more than I can bear. Because he does not want me to fear, I don't see them, just like almost everybody else.

The same phrase has been spoken to me over and over for the past two years, by several different people. Then a few months ago I started hearing it more frequently. "Come closer to God and He will come closer to you". Only with a sense of urgency along with it, "It is time".

When I was younger, I knew God had a plan for my life. Because of events that happened in my life, I became very close to God and I also became very distant from God, but not distant enough to ever think that He didn't love me. It was because of that He was always close enough to get my away from trouble whenever I asked Him too.

At thirteen years old, I wanted to run away from home. I was tricked into going through with my plan, which really wasn't a plan at all. It was just something that I talked about to one of my only friends who was almost 17 years old. She called me up and said to tell my mom that we were going to go to the church to babysit. At my house, she told me to write my mom a note saying that I was running away. I wrote the note, folded it up and put it in the mailbox. Something told me to pull it back out and I slipped it in my back pocket.

We got in her car and she started driving. She told me that she had a boyfriend who was going to take me somewhere and that she would be there later. As the day wore on I became more and more anxious because she didn't come back. Several years later learned what a nickel was. I'm not sure how many I was traded for. While I was laying on the floor naked in the quiet and dark of an apartment. I prayed silently for God to send his angels to rescue me. It was then that the police pounded on the door. They said that someone had called and complained that they were having a party and making too much noise. I had been laying 2 feet from the door. After they came in and arrested the man that was about to rape me, without thinking about why, I slipped the note out of my back pocket and slid it under a dish towel that was on the counter.

By sin, I was brought into this world and because of my sin and His forgiveness, He gave me understanding and I am able to spread His word. I've gone through more trauma from such a young age than most people go through in their whole lives. He has always been there for me every time I've asked him to be no matter what I had done. I look back through my life and I can't see any other plan that was laid for me. There is no point in my life all the way back to when I was conceived, had something been different, how my life would have changed. However, I can tell you that God told us that everything happens for a reason. I may not have seen it then, but society agrees that hind-sight is always better than fore-sight. Those who can see it, will also understand it. Those who can't need to listen so that they too might see.

All my experiences, even the detrimental ones, have brought me where I am today and it's those experiences that gave me first hand knowledge of how God works. I can say God is real and I can say that I know for a fact He is real. Those who say He is not our cowards. They are the ones who are too scared to experience Him for themselves before they say He is not real. Because they stand on what they call scientific fact about how personal causation was used by primitive people or because of their own personal reasons they have chosen to fall in with the crowd who says God never sent His Son to die for us.

To those who think that they've become experts, you've seen Him in your research and felt that tug in your heart that wants Him to be real". Quit trying to prove He doesn't exist. You can't and you will die trying. Those who come after you will do the same and never be given a chance to choose for themselves to experience eternal life, only eternal damnation simply because you left your problem that was never solved.

To those who have become so religious that they miss it when He tries to speak to you, I say to you, it is time to listen. If you want to do His work, then listen to Him and do what He tells you to do. I see the look on preachers faces when they hear God speak to them and they hesitate thinking how they might upset their congregation if he keeps them too long.

Television evangelists, I've seen it on their faces too. They block out His voice with their own saying that the clock is ticking. They have to make sure they get out John 3:16 and pray with people who they assume are down on their knees and make sure they give the address were a donation can be made. It's something the cameramen don't know to hide.

Priests, rabbis, reverends, bishops, clerics, pastors and those of you with any title in your religion, God has been trying to speak to you for many years and for many years you've been more afraid that you would lose your position than to listen to Him. You've gotten comfortable in your high place. It's time for you to make a decision. Will you serve God or will you serve man?

If you search for the phrase, history repeats itself facts, you are given 797,000 results on Yahoo. The same search on Google brings back 14,100,000 results. It's been said over and over and researched back thousands and thousands of years. That is proof alone that the Bible is true. If you read it, you'll see history repeating itself as it is even now. Just like contractions getting closer and closer together, it's repeating itself at a more rapid pace. These are birth pains that have been prophesied that will come when His Son returns again for the second coming.

Some people will be too afraid to pick up a Bible, because the life they've led has been less than God-like and they don't see how God could forgive someone like them. There are those that look at religion as a joke because that's what society has made it out to be. People look and see our government which was founded on biblical principles, downgrading the importance of having God in our lives. There are people here in America that are quick to jump up with explanations of how not having God in our schools has had no effect on why kids are they way they are today. How having any symbols of God or praying to Him "offends people of other religions". Wars are being fought and people killed in the name of their religion, making it very confusing for others to decide who is right. They are too afraid to not trust in what they were taught.

People have split themselves into different religions, following what one man tells them to believe. They've joined cults and groups looking for someone to lead them. Jesus said, "Follow me." When He gave His life for us, God made it possible to speak to us again, but some of us refuse to listen. My generation, who use to be in church every time the doors were open, are comfortable saying that the Bible is just a story, based on myth.

Shame on those who didn't listen when God was speaking to them. Shame on those who have tried to convince us that we were listening to God speak through them saying we couldn't talk to Him ourselves. Shame on you who didn't pick up your Bible and read it for yourself and instead chose to believe everything they said. Don't let your hearts become hardened because of another man and those who have tried to deceive you.

My prayer is that human nature will cause man to become curious to find out for themselves. Not only will they read the prophecies, but they will also read about God's saving grace. Some people won't pick up the Bible out of fear. Fear of what their friends will think. Fear of what they will find out is coming. If you are any of these people, I say to you, "Do not fear. God is with us. You only have to call out His name and He will come, Him and his army of angels, running to save you. Do not wait until it is too late."


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