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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Beast Is On His Way A Path Has Already Been Made

The second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society is to be held November 16 to 18 in Tunis. John Marburger and a team of several others will be representing the United States at the World Summit on the Information Society. On the list are participants such as The Girl Scouts of America, Microsoft, The Salvation Army, The Lutheran World Federation, World Association For Christian Communication, Sony, Panasonic, Motorola, Lucent, The Vatican and many, many more. The full list. The only country I didn't see listed was North Korea.

All stakeholders are asked to submit a questionnaire describing commitments that they have announced or are planning to announce so that they may be listed in a "Golden Book". One of the questions on the questionnaire is:

Please provide a brief description of the links between this new commitment and existing activities undertaken to implement WSIS action lines, or to the outcomes of the Tunis Phase of the Summit, as well as to other contexts (e.g., achieving the goals of the Millennium Declaration).

The Millennium Declaration was adopted on September 8, 2000. It calls to ensure globalization, which includes world peace, freedom for every man and woman, security and disarmament. It calls upon all States to consider signing and ratifying the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Another one of their goals is freeing the entire human race from want.

The United States is being represented by John Marburger. This man was appointed by President Bush as his science advisor. He is also the same man that when President Bush was running for election and said that he believed that "intelligent design" should be taught in our schools, he came back and "clarified" what Bush said. His statement was, "evolution is the cornerstone of modern biology" and "intelligent design is not a scientific concept." Seems he felt the need to calm down people who don't believe in that anymore. It didn't matter how many of us were offended by that remark. The electoral votes got him back in office.

Seems these days it's starting to matter less and less what we want. I remember for years there has been an issue with getting casinos on land in Louisiana. It was always voted down by the people. Was there even a vote this time? They said what difference does it make if it's on the water or on land, they're here anyway. I'm sure someone may have even said, "what year are you living in or have you no heart?", to anyone who may have opposed.

For two days I have been sitting here researching the International World Information Society. The second phase of their project is going to be held in Tunis, November 16-18. Seems like I vaguely remember phase one being held in Geneva a year or so ago.

Finally it hit me. I've always thought that it was the government that would take over. Somehow the antichrist was going to convince our government to make us get implants. After flipping through the 200 or so pages of participants it finally hit me, it's not the government we should be focusing on, it's our businesses and organizations. Organizations that have thousands of members joined together for a cause. The ones that we donate money to every month to help feed a child. The government won't have to be persuaded to convince us, they're going to pull at the purse strings of businesses and the heart strings of organizations with lots of money.

If you look at a chart on the site for the World Summit on the Information Society showing the share of projects involving partnerships as of October 5, 2005, you'll see that it's almost 50/50 as to which projects are independent and which projects have partnerships. The financial definition of "independent project" is a project whose acceptance or rejection is independent of the acceptance or rejection of other projects.

Communications International Media Network and Communications Media Network. There are several public broadcasting, non-profit organizations and I'm not sure if they are all tied together somehow or not. I do know that Communication Media Network in Rochester, Michigan was being questioned as to why they had such a big bank account. The director was fired and attorney J. Martin Brennan was drafted to represent the city on the CMN board. Communications International Media Network, located in Brooklyn, New York, is being represented by Ms Catherine BORGMAN-ARBOLEDA, representative, Community Media Network, Just to let you know what kind of person is representing this organization, she wrote several articles for a website called Love Track.

One day soon, we will be sitting and wondering what happened because our own lack of knowledge. It's too easy to sit and listen to the reporters on the news give us our information than it is for us to research it ourselves. I've even thought to myself that Jesus probably won't come back in my lifetime, but now I'm starting to think different. My eyes have been opened and I am seeing prophesies come to life. I'm seeing our world in a different light.

The Bible says that many will try to deceive us. There are articles, research papers, movies and books all from different sources of people. They carry either a title or have lots of money. We listen to these explanations for everything the Bible says. Whether they are right or not, that's what you have to decide. It may not be you or me that is being deceived, it's everybody else that they're deceiving. If you've been a closet Christian, it's time for you to come out of the closet now. Don't wait. If you haven't been saved yet because you think you're just going to wait till the last minute to make a decision to die because you believe in God or live and never want for anything again. What if they ask you tomorrow, which do you really think you would pick?

How easy is it going to be for your children to decide? Have you listened to your child tell you what they learned in school today? My child can tell me all about evolution and intelligent design and why they're debating on teaching it to them. She can tell me why they decided to take religion out of the schools and even agrees with them "to a point." They have even discussed the chip implants and why it's a good idea and why it's not.

It may not be just you that has to decide. If you haven't opened your mouth and asked what your spouse or your partner or significant other is going to say, then you probably haven't truly asked yourself what you are going to say. Make sure your children know. Are you really going to care if they think you're cool or not when you're standing there watching when they ask them to accept a mark? Come out of the dark, we are living in days that it has been prophesied. It's time to decide what you're going to believe and why you believe it. It's time to teach your kids. The government and these societies don't care what we think anymore, they're targeting the poor, women and children, especially children. It's not that they care about those people, those are the people who will be eager to listen to them.

Both of my girls will be 18 in less than 6 years, how old are your kids? How many do you have? Think about your neighbors down the street. Do you even know they're name or what they believe? Think about how many are in third world countries just waiting on someone to help them. Think about UNICEF and all the corporate partners they have. They have several representatives that will be attending the World Summit. Registration and cost to attend the World Summit is free. Of course you have to be accredited, but by the looks of it, it's probably pretty easy if you can come up with an idea or a project to further their cause.


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