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Monday, February 06, 2006

Life Goes On Until The Day He Comes

I've been reluctant to blog here the past couple of days because there are people that read my blog that actually know who I am. Then today it occured to me if I don't say what I really feel, then I'm not being true to you. Getting into a debate with someone over my opinions and beliefs is something that I have been afraid of, but now I know that all I need is to stand on the Word (the scripture) and be able to point out where it is in the Word and I can do that.
The one thing I cannot do is point to a scripture and tell someone else what they believe is wrong. Several months ago I remember having a longing to be a member of a church, but now I see it as a longing to be included in God's family. It's funny how we can always explain our intentions and afterwards we often have to explain our actions. Now I see myself as fortunate for being brought up the way I was. My mom wasn't concerned about being a "cool mom" like I find myself trying to quit being now. Because of that foundation I was blessed with, I know at least have a solid place to stand and build instead of having to start at ground level as an adult. For that reason, I probably see things very different from a lot of people.

When I was a child, in my mind my whole concept of God and the church and religion is so much different than what my adult eyes see and my adult ears hear. My heart longs for that pure, innocent and unmarred image. People will be quick to think wake up it's 2006, where is your Jesus in all of this? He's still here like He's always been, just too many of us have pushed aside that image we had as children because He wanted His will to be done, not our own. Selfishly we said that He had forsaken us because He didn't show us a sign right when we wanted Him to show us. It would make sense to me to think that at the time we wanted God to show us a sign, we had pushed Him so far away no wonder all we hear is silence. If you want God to be close enough to give you an answer, you first have to draw closer to Him.

I realize now that in a small little room that I'm able to use at no charge, with just 3 other people, I felt God's spirit, pure, innocent and unmarred just as well as I could in a million dollar building.


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