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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Little Things God Does

It's amazing how low you can get and then occurs to you, sometimes God gives you exactly what you asked for, just in a way you didn't plan.

This afternoon, I went to one of the local stores where I drop off newsletters. I noticed that they had gotten shoved underneath a donation can and when I tried to pick them up, the bottom one was stuck to the surface. My first thought was well, I was thinking about not dropping them off here anymore anyway. Then both of the ladies that where there working told me that they always read those when I bring them in. The other lady told me that she and another man were wondering who Annette Burkett is, they'd really like to find out. I looked up from my thought and smiled and said, "That's me." It was then that I noticed the newspaper stand that was three shelves tall, but the newspapers were only on the top shelf and another free magazine had taken up the shelf below with three stacks. I asked if that space was rented out and they said that it wasn't, so I stacked up their magazines into two stacks and put my newsletters in the space left.

I know it's just a little thing to most people, but I've been trying to find display stands for the newsletters so that I can put them in more prominent places and so they don't get stuck to a counter or shoved under something. They're expensive! I've found someone who has a couple of them and said I could have them, but it may be a couple of weeks before they can give them to me. Now I know that there are two that I can start using now that won't cost me a dime, one at the store I went to today and one at another store where I drop off newsletters.


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