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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Day 28: It Takes Time

Question to Consider: In what area of my spiritual growth do I need to be more patient and persistent?

After 28 days of reading this book and the experiences that I've had during those days, everything tells me that God's hand is definitely in my life. Before this week, I felt like an innocent child getting a taste of candy and doing everything He said just so I could have some more. As the months have gone by and my relationship with God has gotten closer and closer, I've started seeing my life more as a maturing adult. God is no longer something I want, He is something I need. I quit being satisfied with the distance in our relationship and I needed to get closer to Him. In order for me to do that, I've had to endure some struggles. The struggling was only as hard as I made it.

I challenge you, wherever you are in your life and your walk with God, even if you're not walking with God at the moment, I challenge you to tell Him whatever your worst problem is that you're dealing with and ask Him to show you a way out of it. He may not help you out of it overnight, but I guarantee you that before the last possible moment, He will show you a way out. He won't expect anything from you, there are no strings attached. The only catch is that you have to ask Him. If you question if God is real, He'll prove to you that He is, but you have to ask Him.

If your problem is that you don't have peace and happiness in your life, then you might need to start looking at the source from where you expect it to come from. God is the source of true happiness and peace. In order to get to the source, you're going to have to seek Him out. That you don't get as a freebie, but I can tell you this, it is well worth the investment.

He promised me that I would never be given anything I couldn't handle and that He would always love me. His promise wasn't contingent upon whether or not I was being a good Christian girl. As a matter of fact, I faced some pretty big problems by most peoples standards at the most sinful times of my life. He heard my cry and came and rescued me.

Standing from where I am right at this very moment and looking back at where I came from to get here, God has given me everything that I've asked Him for. It may not be exactly how I would have liked to receive it...actually, that is an understatement, if I was holding the plan book, this whole week would have been erased or whited out and something else definitely would have been penciled in. I know I have to endure times that aren't pleasant, but I know it's because He wants what He gives me to be perfect and last. He also knows I will be more grateful. Honestly, with what I know now, I wouldn't have it any other way, but His way.

Troubles aren't something you should be bitter about, that is what makes you grow. As a matter of fact, God wants us to rejoice in our troubles. No matter how big your troubles are, when you can honestly say,
"God, even though this is almost more than I can stand, I will not doubt that
You are in control and know what You are doing. I know that others will
see You are at work in my life and that is reason enough for me to rejoice
because I know You will also show them how much You love me"
then you will know how "spiritually grown up" you are. I can honestly say from where I sit now, my future looks very bright. I have everything I need at this very moment and God has already taken care of what I'm going to need for tomorrow and the next day. I have God, I have my family and our health, I have a church with true believers, I have a home and two crazy dogs, I have more love than I could have ever hoped for.


Blogger Sheraton Roth said...

Hello, I would like to start sharing my answers to the questions with you. I know others probably are reading along with you. I know you welcome comments so maybe they will join in and share their answers to. (I will answer before I read your blog then read.)QA: The area of giving . I just expect myself to give as I ought . I forget this to is a spiritual growth area.

Friday, December 16, 2005 4:02:00 AM  

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