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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Similitude Of The Lamb Of God And Bride Of Christ...will be continued another night, but read this anyway!

That's what "I" had planned to blog about tonight. So many good things have happened today, I haven't even had time to read through that book. Well...I'm all excited so I've got to share what all has happened and is happening in my life today.

First, I have an answer to why I'm in the church that I'm in. No, I'm not a member yet, I haven't gotten my answer on that, but I know why I'm there today. God may call me somewhere else tomorrow and I'm okay with that. I also know, today, why I am blogging and I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to encourage, heal, reassure, bless and guide each and everyone that reads my blog.

When I started blogging, I felt compelled by God to blog. Of course, being me, I started reading and researching what everyone else was doing and found information to get more readers and traffic and even make money. I thought that I could get readers to my blog by doing what everyone else was doing. I had a few, but nothing to speak of. Then, I started listening and gave up on doing it myself. Today, my blog has several regular readers and has been read by people all over the country. I've also been blessed to meet several other women, like myself, who have felt compelled to blog. Let me say this, "Ladies, don't ask, just do it!" God has something in mind and He knows so much more than we do, so don't question Him, just obey Him. If you're someone that has just come across my blog and you also feel a nagging feeling that you should start a blog, please let me know! I'll add your link to my blog and also, teach you how to do just about anything you want to know about blogging.

Second, all this week I've decided that I was going to try out this premeditation thing and don't premeditate anything that I say or what I do. I made plans, but I didn't play out ahead how everything was going to go. I knew where I was going, but not what was going to happen. Think that's scary? Try doing what the Holy Spirit tells you to do without premeditating what's going to happen. That's scary and tough! God has helped me with it though and may I add a very humble Thank You God, because everytime I would start to think about just the very next thing that would happen, I could almost hear him say..."well, now I have to change it so you won't know what's going to happen". I think God might be preparing me to expect nothing except the unpredictable. Several good things have happened because I listened and just did it because I was told.

Not only has it improved my day to day spiritual walk, it's also working with raising my kids. Some of you may disagree, but if I planned out what my kids were going to say or do, I'd be spending to much time thinking of another come back and my (God's) parenting would not be nearly as effective. I think I've been able to do in a week what Rivendale Behavioral Center would take weeks to do without my children resenting me. A small example of one of the things I definitely would not have been prepared on my own with a come back was last night when my daughter told me that if she was going to have to go to church, then she was going with her friend to mass. I told her that was fine, what time does it start so I could go with her. She glared at me and said, "you have to go to your own church!" (she happened to be on the phone with her friend so this was perfect, "I" couldn't have planned it out this good!) I told her to ask her friend what time it started. She replied, "9 a.m." I said, "That's perfect! I can go to mass with you, and then you can still go to church with me! After all, you might have questions about that religion and I want to make sure I know exactly what you're talking about, so I need to go because I've never been to a Catholic Church before." After she figured out that she was going to have to go to church four times in one day, she decided that just going twice with me would be fine. The argument was over in less than 5 minutes. Before a week ago, the argument would have gone on for over an hour.

God's is teaching me how to be a "cool" mom and make my children behave better, listen to me the FIRST time and say, "Yes ma'am". All of this in one week. Also, I'm letting the Holy Spirit speak through me, YES, even with disciplining my children. God will turn the hearts of the children back to their parents. The parents will only turn their children away from them, they have to let God do it. My 15 year old daughter that said she "loathed me" at the beginning of this week. She told me tonight that she "loved me and didn't loathe me anymore" without me tickling it out of her.

Luk 1:17 And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

He's getting us prepared! How much more exciting can that be! Yeah, the end is near, but Halleluah, look what He's giving us!

Speaking of others that I've met, I recently found the blog For The Lord. The author of the blog and I have emailed each other several times. Her and her family are stepping out in faith and going to where Stebbins, Alaska where they feel the Holy Spirit is calling them to. They are in need of donations of fleece to make blankets for the villagers there. The link to her blog is to the right, please go and read it. There is a beautiful picture of where they are going. She told me that she would be updating it and adding a "wish list" of things they would like to take with them to give to the people there. If you'd like to donate, either email me or her and one of us will send you the address.

I almost can't wait for Saturday to get here. A couple people have expressed an interest in reading the book The Purpose Driven Life. You have a few days to decide on making your commitment and getting the book. I'm making preparations now so that I'll be able to keep my commitment to you. If you don't want to comment publicly, you can get your own partner that you feel comfortable talking to, you can post anonymously, or you can email me by clicking on View My Profile, then Email Me. I feel very strongly that the Holy Spirit is saying that if you haven't read this book, now may be the time to read it. Be prepared for great things to happen in our lives!


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